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Robo Instructus: 4 Years Old

I'm a game developer. I made robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

Robo Instructus came out 4 years ago today. Let’s take a look at the last 12 months.

In the last year there have been just a couple of updates released 1.34.1 & 1.34.2. They each included fixes and optimisations.

To highlight a particular optimisation I added runtime detected AVX2/SSE4.2 optimisations to text rendering glyph rasterization (alexheretic/ab-glyph#66). They make one part of the complex text rendering process significantly faster for ~99% of players. For those interested in SIMD optimisation in rust I wrote a piece on how I went about this work back in November: Getting rustc to use AVX2 SIMD.

I aim to continue to maintain the game ensuring it runs well and benefits from improvements in the wider OSS rust ecosystem.

Sales by platform   In the last year
Steam 4436 452 44 5

The vast majority of sales continue to be on Steam. Down a little from 618 last year.

Last year Steam sales by region  
United States 30%
Russian Federation 9%
Germany 8%
United Kingdom 4%
France 3%
Netherlands 3%
Brazil 3%
Canada 3%
China 3%
Japan 2%
Other 31%

Last year Steam sales by OS  
Windows* 85.7%
Linux 10.0%
Mac 4.3%

* Steam doesn’t actually count Windows explicitly, so this tally is the sales that are not counted as Linux or Mac.


On Steam the game is currently rated Very Positive with 83% of 55 user reviews. Great to see some new user reviews appearing this year.

You can play the Robo Instructus demo and buy the game on Steam &

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