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Unlocking Story, Art & Music

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

Last post I was talking about a new approach for in universe tutorials and narrative. Since then I’ve been working on the systems that back this new narrative approach. I also have quick updates on the art & music progress.


Currently this is all about unlocking info & new robo-abilities when completing levels, rather than being given them at the start of a new level. It’s a subtle distinction aimed at maximising the sense of reward to finishing a puzzle. In the end the “info” pages that precede a level will be totally replaced by unlocks & a new narrative system sort of like emails from your boss.

I’m currently going with a centre modal popup style for the unlocks to demand attention when they’re encountered. I tried a few other approaches but this one seems the most effective, despite my general dislike of modals.

On top of the systems go the actual story, the skeleton of which already exists. I’ve started a little work on the fleshed out narrative, but generally I’ll tackle this after finishing the unlock systems.


Art production is continuing in the background. My artist Tom is getting toward the end of the concept phase now. I’ve been quiet about the art because until the concepts are finished there isn’t much point showing things off. Now we’re getting close some sneaky peaks may be coming soon. It’s exciting to think about having actual art in Robo Instructus. It’s a big part of the 3 missing pieces, along with music & story.


Work on the game music will be starting soon. I’ll write more about this when we’re further down the road. But since I won’t be composing it myself, it means art, music & story production can move forward concurrently.

Similar to the art assets, having an OST in place will hugely elevate the experience. So I really can’t wait to start integrating the art & music.

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