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Early Sounds

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

With the visuals of Robo Instructus starting to come together I’ve been tweaking and improving things to fit with the new art. One of of those things is adding new sound effects to enhance the experience.

Previously the game’s sounds where very minimal, as they were mostly there to ensure the sound actually worked in testing. While I’ll mostly rely on the music score to set the game’s feeling, with the new good looking art I felt it was time to update the sounds and see if I could enhance certain events.

First up is a new teleport sound. This sound really takes you to another place.

I’m quite fond of this, though I’m not sure if it’ll stay for good. It does seem playful in the right way and blends well with music.

You know in films when text is printed out and it makes that strange noise that we’ve just gotten used to as being the noise futurey terminals make. I thought this would work well with my live decoded messages, as live decoding is similarly made up.

I think the ticks give these unlocked messages and primer fragments a little more gravitas. Maybe player’s will pay a little more attention?

I peppered the game with a few more incidental sounds too. I’ll continue to tweak and improve these. My general feel is to not have too many sounds in the game, only added when the sounds meaningfully enhance the experience in some way.

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