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Alpha One Coming Next Week

I'm that guy who quit his job to sit in his house making games. I'm currently working on robot engineering game Robo Instructus. For my previous weekly posts look here.

This week I’ve finished the my first pass on Robo Instructus’ tutorial sections. As the last feature-piece of the first alpha release this means the game is ready for some actual testing by real people!

I plan to get into contact with people next week with the alpha-1 build. This first alpha release will be private with builds available to those who get into contact with me and would like to help test. Also some people I know personally and bully into testing. This is the start of the build up to a public alpha stage that will become the main publicity force for the game.

I’m quite excited for people to actually play this thing and for useful feedback to start coming back. I’m sure a little targeted polish is all that stands in the way of many enjoying the engineering experience.

Even if the game isn’t for you, some feedback on what was naff would be appreciated. If you’d like to help me test the incoming very first version please get into contact using one of the methods on the front page.

New stuff

Specifically this week I’ve added animated image support to show moving examples in the tutorials. Very simple, but I think this’ll help get the programming concepts across much more easily than still images would have.

I’ve also polished the scaling support I mentioned yesterpost. I’ve added a nice feature to auto-zoom onto smaller levels and out of larger levels. We should support almost any resolution and aspect ratio now fairly well. I should be able to get this perfect during the alpha stage.

Some last few bits

I do have a couple of things to clean up before giving over the alpha. I have a little testing to make sure everything is redistributable and a little Windows specific testing to match my Linux development.

For those of you content to wait until the public alpha it will be coming a little later, all the better from the private alpha improvements. So hold tight.

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