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Alpha-2.0 Real Art Edition

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

After a blogless & releaseless winter pause Robo Instructus is back. 2019 will be a very exciting year for me not least today as I release alpha-2.0 of the game. The 2.0 means this version is all about real art from real artist Tom. This version sees the game looking like the real thing!

You’ll have noticed the version is still alpha and this is because the art is not fully finished. The alpha-2 series will bring the game up to the final feature complete testing phase (beta).

Robot art & animations

As I already blogged about the tile art the big new hotness is the robot animations. The robot was one of the last level pieces to fall into place, so now the game level’s are almost entirely placeholder free!

There are more animations to do and we already have some ideas to improve on the movement animations. But overall it’s just fantastic to have the game’s protagonist finally walking around the levels!


While Tom has been delivering on the art front, Rich has not been idle. He has produced the final of the 4 main arc musical pieces in addition to the level success jingle. His latest piece is perhaps the finest, I do hope some players manage to get into the 3rd quarter of the game so they can enjoy it too!


The alpha-2 series will continue to improve during early 2019. While not everything is there yet, this is still a great time to test or re-test the game and send me feedback. I can only smooth out the learning curve of this game through the valiant suffering of my amazing testers. If you’d like to help just send me an email.

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