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Working Toward The Final Act

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

With the release of the game looming in the near future, work has been mainly focused on finishing the content for the final act of Robo Instructus. This act is a huge reward to those that can make it through the tough challenge of the first 3. This act brings a paradigm shift to master quite different to anything else yet encountered. Now is also the time to look at ending the beta phase.

I actually wrote about the final act twist last year. But, in addition to the shift in challenge, this act also brings lots of new art as players plunge down close to the planet’s core. The game will be lit in magma red, giving this act a distinct feel to the frosty & dusty darkness of the previous levels.

Tom has made huge strides recently to completing all vital game art, which means we are very close to content completion. This is good, as the game will be ready for review at the end of the month. The rest of this month will be focussed on that goal. This is why today’s beta-2.2 patch is quite light on changes, as it only explains those that affect the first 3 acts.

The end of the beta

In early March a little under 3000 people signed up to help test Robo Instructus’ fresh new beta release. We’ve now been around 3 months inside the beta phase. Many issues have been addressed and the game has improved hugely in that time. The game is better than ever and it’s time to prepare for the full release. So it’s time to announce that the beta will end on 24th June 2019. Beta testing keys will be revoked/disabled at that time and the game will disappear from your steam library.

Ok, not every issue raised has been resolved. You can see this over on the issue tracker. However, no known nasty bugs exist and most of the most pressing improvements are now implemented. Let me know if you think some real show-stoppers still exist! The rest of the improvements and investigations will be punted to “later”.

This means we have around 1 more month of beta testing time, a good time to give the game a go if you signed up in March but never fired her up.

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