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Showing You At Your Best

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Last week’s alpha release allowed players to see where their scores fell compared with other engineers around the world alpha testing group, by fetching the data and rendering graphs. This week the alpha-1.12 release brings small but important improvements to the graphs: Tracking your best scores.

In alpha-1.11 you could see your latest score and how it compared with others. But though the game did remember your best scores, it didn’t actually show you. In alpha-1.12 what we want to see appears, you’ll see your best scores in each area along with the latest score in a dashed line.

It’s your best scores that get uploaded to the global database and compared with other players. Though your 3 best scores may have required 3 totally different solutions to achieve them. For example your best solution score could be slow as hell in terms of time. Each best score will upload the all 3 scores, so each player can provide 3 different scores in each category per level.

When we get around to comparing with friends via steam or similar it’ll just use your 3 best scores.

While improvements can still be made to the end-of-level stats, they are in good enough shape for me to direct my attention once again to finishing the final game levels. If you’re an alpha tester please get back to me with feedback on the stats and graphs.

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