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Detail, Decals & Sliders

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

As Robo Instructus’s alpha meets the angle grinder of development more and more sharper edges are becoming smoother & polished. Let’s have a gander at recent work.

Today I released version alpha-2.2 to my testing group. It comes with a bunch of improvements to the visuals & some nice new menu options along with a collection of fixes.

High quality assets and backgrounds

With more finished backgrounds for the game completed the alpha’s levels are now fully detailed with beautiful backgrounds depicting the facility players find themselves exploring. The early game versions will have 2 playable environments of the final game’s 4.

All tile artwork has been replaced with final quality 512px pngs. This really unlocks the ability to have a fully flexible zoom that will look good on almost all resolutions.


Along with the new high quality base assets the game is now dynamically peppered with extra detail, like snow or tile cracks. Each detail is a layer that can fit on top of the base tile art. I hook up a RNG seeded by the level and we get much more varied levels that feel more distinctive and alive.


Following on from previous week’s work on game scalability on any resolution & DPI, the game scaling can now be set by the player. The menu has been reworked with new effects too and there are also sliders for sound & music volume. I think it gives a fairly nice user experience now. Let’s see her in action.

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