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Alpha Music

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

This week brings alpha-1.22 and with it the first sounds of Richard Thomson’s incredible OST for Robo Instructus. This is all non-final stuff, it is an alpha after all. Even so, the music is already elevating the game hugely and is very exciting to have in-game. Have a listen in the video below.

Pretty nice huh? Alpha testers will be able to hear more by playing the latest version. As with the art you’ll find more of it as you progress through the game.


While music is the big new feature, the latest alpha also comes with a bunch of fixes and tweaks improving the early game experience after testing feedback. There is clearly still much to do smoothing out the vital early game experience. It looks like the first 3 levels are pretty smooth, and the 4th is hopefully there too with the latest improvements.

The newer 5th level, where data stores are first encountered, is the next level that needs playtesting feedback to help me smooth out. I’ve been thinking about adding an optional help system to privide hints, but I need to know what I should be hinting before I add new systems. Testers please start banging your heads against this level and sending me your thoughts!

Story Writing

This week I met with my co-writers to flesh out more of the game’s story. We managed to map out all the company -> player messages. These messages are currently not in the alpha but will provide vital scene setting telling you who you are, why you’re here etc.

There is still work in mapping out all the site-messages, that is the messages you uncover as you explore the game. We need to flesh out a load of planned narrative arcs, then try to edit them into the game so that there isn’t too much text at any one time.

I’ll be developing the game systems that will trigger the company messages and allow players to view all messages as my next major task.

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