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Running Blind

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

Work continues on the final puzzles of Robo Instructus. For today let’s take a look at a level coming after the alpha-1 levels, one that’s deceptively simple. In asking for a little more I introduced some new tools available in later portions of the game, in general you build up tools and have to use them together. However, in the level I want to show today you’ll be running blind without the old guard of robo_scan() & robo_detect_adjacent().

One of the impacts of not having robo_scan() available is even if your robot is standing next to an exit tile, you can’t actually tell. If a tile is unknown, or missing you can’t directly tell. But perhaps you can navigate the level regardless by just using what you have?

Of course there is a way to successfully route safely through the level, even without your robo_scan() eyes. Doing the utmost with what little you have is what Robo Instructus is all about. Then later your eyes will return, you’ll need them and what you learned in the dark.

And this is all before you need to meddle with actual concurrency, the current area I am developing right now.

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