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A Better Facility

I'm a game developer currently working on robot engineering puzzle game Robo Instructus. For my previous posts look here.

Robo Instructus’ release is looming yet the facility view / level selection screen still hasn’t seen too many improvements. Until now that is, today’s beta-3.1 update is coming to the rescue.

Beta-3.1 brings a bunch of improvements to the facility view.

The new node icon are looking great & having the level name appear on hover is a big help for remembering which level is which.

The latest update also has new community translations for the interface in Italiano & Ελληνικά. It’s great to have more languages available, let me say, once again, a huge thanks to the contributors to big-ab-games/robo-instructus-translation.

Also new is a Credits options in the title (profile selection) screen that lets anyone view the game credits, instead of having to actually finish all the puzzles.

If you’ve sent me feedback on the beta or helped with translations you should be in the credits. So take a look and let me know loudly if I missed you out or got your name wrong!

The game release announcements with release date will be coming soon. Not long now at all!

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