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Robo Instructus - Name Of The Game

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This week work continued towards the playable alpha build of this game I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks now. In today’s post title theres a subtle clue to game now having an actual name: Robo Instructus.

I wanted a name that was fairly unique & conveyed the theme of the game, being a robot engineer. Do you think it does? I hope so as I’m going to start posting with it as a title and generally move to building exposure for the game itself.

This week most new features are still in the oven so I’ll have to be brief. Even so you may be able to see the UI is starting to formalise, the coding section on the left is now separate from the world. This may need to change in future, but for the initial alpha a single code entry pane should be sufficient.

You can also see a couple of buttons on the bottom right of the code section. The play button allows executing your solution, the pause button debugging the code ie controlling execution of each piece of syntax. These allow control of the code execution in addition to the hotkeys I’ve been using up until now.

Next step showing all the levels the coded solution will need to solve. When a solution runs it’ll have to solve all these levels. After that showing results, stats and allowing progression to the next set of levels. As ever, check back next Friday for more progress.

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